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    Laboratory diagnosis of zithromax coma is based on the determination of low blood glucose levels. Emergency care (first aid) for hypoglycemic coma. What to buy azithromycin online in cases where emergency care is required and there is nothing available to provide it? Cases are described when in such situations it was possible to bring patients out of a state of hypoglycemic coma by inflicting strong pain irritations on them, for example, hissing of the skin, intense blows to soft tissues, etc.

    How to explain this phenomenon? With a superficial coma, a nonspecific response to severe pain irritation persists (see the topic FINDING, COLLAPSE, COMA), which causes a response of the body - there is a massive release of catecholamines into the bloodstream, which in turn carry out the rapid conversion of endogenous glycogen into glucose, due to which and stop hypoglycemia. After leaving the coma, the victim should receive carbohydrates orally in the form of quickly (sugar) and slowly (bread) digestible products, since if hypoglycemia occurs under the influence of prolonged forms of insulin, a relapse is possible.

    Description of hypoglycemic coma, first aid and consequences. Hypoglycemic coma is an extreme state of the endocrine system, which occurs as a result of a sharp drop in blood sugar levels. A person in a hypoglycemic coma needs immediate help, but its provision requires knowledge of the current state of the patient. It is important to know. symptoms in humans are either hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.

    • Symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.
    • Acute and chronic form of hyperglycemia is expressed in the following symptoms.
    • Hyperglycemia in acute form can manifest itself as the following signs.
    • Symptoms and signs of hypoglycemia are differentiated into autonomic (parasympathetic, adrenergic) and neuroglycopenic. Vegetative symptoms are expressed as follows.
    • The use of certain medications for a long time, the same symptoms can also be caused by taking insulin preparations without observing the dosage, this can cause insulin hypoglycemic coma to occur.
    • Alcohol intake, non-compliance with the diet can also lead to the development of a hypoglycemic coma.
    • Neurosis, emotional overstrain, stress and depression as the consequences of such conditions can often be a hypoglycemic state, and eventually a hypoglycemic coma.
    • Factors causing hypoglycemic coma.
    • Tumors near the pancreas, necrosis of the pancreas, excessive production of insulin, by the way, this is sometimes the first reason that leads to buy zithromax online of hypoglycemic coma.
    • Liver failure, the consequences of such a condition are diverse, and among them there may be a hypoglycemic coma.
    • Physical overstrain, due to sports or prolonged physical labor, the consequences here are different, but one of them is just a hypoglycemic coma.

    Complications against the background of hypoglycemic coma. With hypoglycemic coma, it is extremely important to provide first aid to the patient in a timely manner. At the same time, his further condition depends on the degree of awareness and awareness of people who are close to get azithromycin online. The lack of emergency assistance is fraught with cerebral edema, which will lead to the appearance of irreversible lesions of the central nervous system. It should be noted that with the frequent onset of hypoglycemic coma, adult patients experience personality changes, and children experience a decrease in the level of zithromax pills. In both groups of patients, a lethal outcome is not excluded.

    The state of hypoglycemic coma is extremely dangerous for elderly patients. This is especially true for people who suffer from ischemic brain or heart disease, and cardiovascular diseases. The course of hypoglycemic coma significantly complicates strokes or myocardial infarction. Given this feature, it is imperative to regularly undergo an ECG.